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Aesthetics – Dr. Omran

Sculpt, Shape, Tighten. Where Aesthetics Redefine Confidence 

Ready to boost your confidence? We specialize in sculpting, shaping, and tightening to reveal your inner glow. Let’s redefine your skin and body with our top-notch medical aesthetics – because you deserve it, no doubt.


Dr. Amal Omran, M.D.


Meet Dr. Amal Omran, M.D., your go-to for looking and feeling fabulous. We’re all about sculpting, firming, and making you feel as youthful as ever. Imagine saying goodbye to stubborn fats and hello to a contoured, radiant you – it’s like a personalized beauty boost just for you!

Ready to chat about your sexy transformation? Give us a call at (313) 278-2800. Drop by 1213 Mason Street, Dearborn, MI 48124, or check out more details at www.mdwell.com. Dr. Amal Omran is here to unlock your natural beauty and confidence. Let’s turn your aesthetic dreams into reality and make you feel amazing!

Aesthetic Medicine Expert

Welcome to MD Well, where Dr. Amal Omran, M.D. is your dedicated companion on a journey of aesthetic excellence. With over 28 years of expertise, specializing in non-invasive body contouring, InstaSculpting, and the art of curving and shaping your body, my mission is to redefine your beauty experience.

Envision a world where meticulously crafted aesthetics meet personalized care – your MD Well adventure transcends the ordinary. Trust in a doctor who not only delivers stunning results but also uplifts your confidence through the art and science of aesthetics.

Step into a new era of beauty, where Dr. Amal Omran is more than a doctor; she’s your partner in unlocking your most radiant self. Embrace the transformation at MD Well, where we not only tighten your skin but also sculpt and shape your body to unveil your unique beauty.

Happy Patients

Smiles say it all! Join our happy patients who’ve experienced the joy of aesthetic care with Dr. Amal Omran, M.D. Feel confident, look your best. Schedule your visit today!

Radiate Confidence

Be your best self with our expert in natural results for cosmetic procedures without surgery. Dr. Amal Omran specializes in enhancing the face, breast, and body, ensuring results that feel as authentic as they look. Schedule your visit today!

Shaping Your Body

Body contouring is about creating definition –  it’s like creating your unique shape. With Dr. Omran, she works to sculpt features that match the rest of your body, giving you a fit and athletic look you’ll love to flaunt.

Dr. Amal Omran, M.D.


As a board-certified aesthetic specialist, Dr. Amal Omran combines her medical proficiency with an artistic touch to offer you a personalized journey towards your most radiant self. Beyond just tightening skin, Dr. Omran’s expertise extends to non-invasive body contouring, InstaSculpting, and the nuanced art of body curves and shaping your body. 

With over 28 years of dedicated practice, Dr. Omran has honed her skills to become a true master in the art of aesthetic enhancement. Choosing a board-certified aesthetic specialist ensures you receive care of the highest standard, backed by expert training and a commitment to staying at the forefront of aesthetic advancements. 

Join us at MD Well, where beauty is not just a goal but an art form, and Dr. Amal Omran is your trusted guide in the pursuit of timeless body shaping for a healthy body formation.

Turning Back the Clock

Rediscover your best self with Dr. Amal Omran, M.D. She skillfully applies her signature facial tightening and body contouring procedures, helping you look and feel young. Say goodbye to those aging signs that bother you the most. Let’s bring back that vibrancy in you with Dr. Omran’s expert touch – because you deserve to shine!

Time For A Makeover

Dr. Amal Omran, M.D. is here to introduce you to a simple and non-invasive body sculpting procedure. It’s like magic – melting away fat and shaping your body to be its healthiest and sexiest. Say bye-bye to extra inches and hello to a fresher, sexier you. Let’s make you feel amazing with Dr. Omran’s help – because you deserve it to stay fit!

Extraordinary Doctor

At Dr. Amal Omran, M.D., you come first. We’re here to give you great personal care, awesome results that make you look and feel fantastic, and an enjoyable time when you visit us. What makes us special is that we can get really impressive aesthetic results without surgery. Dr. Omran uses the latest non-surgical techniques and has a keen eye for natural beauty. We want your experience with us to be easy, enjoyable, and make you feel amazing!

Get Ready To Sparkle And Shine

Shape up with Dr. Amal Omran, M.D. for a beauty boost that’s both visible and dramatic, no knives or stitches involved. Let’s turn your aesthetic dreams into reality – secure your fabulous consultation now! Because who says transforming can’t be a complete makeover?